Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jon's White Coat Ceremony

The Dental School had a great Ceremony for the students officially calling them health care professionals and expecting that they work as a Doctor of Dental Medicine now and forever holding to the ethics and conduct. I am SOOOO proud of my husbansd and all of his hard work.

Jackson was such a good boy through the whole thing and had a huge smile on his face when he saw his dad on the stage. We love you more Jon!

Playing with Cousins!

Anna feeding Jackson his favorite cake!
Jackson loves to spend time with his cousins and play. We miss and love them all!

New Year = New Adverntures!

Making pizza at Grandma's house. He loves to play with the dough and also loves to eat it too!
He loves to put on glasses and keeps them on surprisingly.
Jackson can never take too many baths. I turned on the water and did not get his cloths off fast enough, so in he went! WaWa is what he says!

Jackson getting into Grandma's candy drawer. Yeah he already knows were it is. Here come the cavities; Jon will have to fix later!!!

Thanksgiving and Christmas

Christmas picture by the Tree. Jackson sure did love to pull off the ornaments. We had a great Christmans with him this year!

This picture was taken in Utah at Grandpa Neilson's 80th Birthday party right before Thanksgiving.
The Snow we recieved in Vegas. It was fun playing in it with Jackson.

Thanksgiving pictures we take every year we all get together. It was a blast to have everyone here in Vegas.


Happy Halloween! Jackson is just like his mother and is scared of Halloween. We had fun going around grandma and grandpa neighborhood.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Utah Trip

Jackson, my Mom, and I went to Utah to visit my sister Jessica and her family for a week. We had such a blast. The weather was so nice and we just relaxed and had fun together. Her house is beautiful and Jackson loves being around his cousins. Hey, Jackson even watched a little of Conference! haha Miss you Jess! Thanks.

1st Birthday

Jackson's Birthday Party was at his Grandma's house. He had friends and family all there to give him lots of love and gifts. He is such a BIG boy and is so special! We Love You! Happy Birthday!


The Welch family took us to Disneyland for 3 days the week before Jacksons 1st Birthday. We has such a blast and Jackson was so good. He loved Mickey and the rides except Pirates, every time we went to sit on the boat he held me so tight and hid his face in my neck. It was pretty funny.

Friday, August 8, 2008

BIG Boy Seat!

I know he is not quite 1 yet but he LOVES his new seat. He now weights 26 lbs and love to look around while looking forward.

We finished our Backyard!

This summer Jon put in our backyard. (with some help from Enrico) :) Each morning Jackson points to the back door to go outside so he can crawl around. He plays with the rock while trying eating them. He also loves to look for birds and planes in the sky also. It's nice to have a place for him to hang out!

Peek a Boo

I love to play this game between the couches.

A Day at the Pool!